I have imagined this project since I was a little boy, but it has been now, after more than twenty years working and living closely all the ins and outs of the world of fashion, jewelry and beauty, when I have seen my dream come true.

While studying law , I found myself immersed barely without realizing in an exciting madness: styling, seasons, the importance of different colors and nuances; And little by little I fell in love with this exciting world.

After collaborating for more than twenty years with the most prestigious fashion and jewelry brands, and thanks to the global vision that has contributed to having worked in large markets such as London, the United States or Canada, I returned to Spain, to found Tess.

Tess was born to respond to the need of the woman. Yes, of the WOMAN in capital letters, because one of my purposes launching this great project is to reach all women, regardless of age, their needs and their style.

With each new collection, I look for the small detail, variety of designs and diversity of materials. Pieces inspired by the latest trends in the most cosmopolitan market; Always paying careful attention to the design and quality of the product and always with the most affordable prices.

Tess offers the perfect balance between sophistication, minimalism and contemporaneity, embodying the perfect union between classicism, audacity and femininity. The extraordinary mime in every detail, the design faithful to the latest trends, from the most classic to the most extravagant, from the most minimalist jewel to the most daring, make tess a thrillingly current brand.

The force that drives me is my passion for fashion, and my permanent madness for traveling around the world, which brings me great moments of inspiration, to know other cultures and different lifestyles, in short, to see the world from a different perspective. The result: exciting collections of diverse and always cosmopolitan styles that appeal to today's woman who wants to feel unique and special.

Juan Carlos Ferreira

CEO Tess