Jewelry care

Above all, treat your jewelry pieces with delicacy, avoid the use of force in the closures and gaffes.

Always keep it in its box or bag, and separately, in order to avoid scratches.

Use colognes, perfumes or creams before wearing your jewellery, as their components can affect the color of the metal and the surface of the stones. Likewise, avoid contact with chemical agents or detergent.

Do not shower, or bathe with them on the beach.

Alternate your jewellery pieces, continued use can deteriorate them quickly.

Avoid doing exercises with accessories, sweating can affect them.

For cleaning, use a wipe moistened with water to remove sweat, body oils or cosmetics. Then you can dry your jewellery carefully with a cotton towel. Never use metal cleaners.

Avoid storing them in excessively hot places.

Never sleep with your accessories, they can break or deteriorate quickly.